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make it monday!

Hey Hey Hey! Here are todays round-up of crafty tutorials! :)

Sew Mama Sew has a tute for this awesome scalloped garland!

Birds of a Feather has a tutorial for this cute embroidery hoop wall art!

Get Craftee has a tute for this spring scarf!

and Bugs and Fishes has a tutorial for these cute rain clouds! :)

xoxo, katie

(p.s. dont forget to register for camp indie!)
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  1. Scalloped anything make me happy! :) I really like that!
    and ps I look the tutorial round up - keep that up ;)

  2. I got your cute card today!! GOsh i love the doodles you put on the front!!! I love the garland tutorial and the clouds!! SO CUTE!

  3. I really love your Make it Mondays!!! So many things to add to my lists of todo!


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