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I think...

We might have had too much fun with the facepaint. :) what do you think?

Oh and here they were in progress. I look like I was thinking really hard, Probably because I was painting it on my own arm, looking in the mirror.
xoxo, Katie
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  1. wow you did amazing!! and did it yourself that is talent!!! so cute!!!

  2. pretty cool and do paint your own arm??????? AMAZING!

  3. I'm impressed you got it on you so perfectly - mine would be a mess! lol I LOVE face paint - actually that gives me a great idea for a birthday party - circus themed with face paint :)

  4. Haha - so cute! I can't believe you painted those on yourselves, they look amazing! I can't even facepaint on others.

  5. You and your sister look like you have tooo much fun together :)
    Your tats are FABULOUS!


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