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Featuring YOU! *Inari*

Everyone meet Inari!

Whats your name? Tell us a little about you!
Hi, my name is Inari. I am a Finnish girl, 23-years-old, a current student and a librarian-to-be.
I love bright colors (also in my hair), buttons, jewelry and tea with biscuits.
Spring is my favourite season and if I were an animal, I definitely would be a cat.

Do you have a blog or etsy shop?
Yes I do, both. My craft blog ( and Etsy shop ( both go under name Ikomi. The name comes from my initials and some other letters from my last name and was created by my boyfriend. I write my blog both in Finnish and English. It takes a while, but I want to write in my mother tongue. As well as in English to make it readable for as many people as possible.

Do you like to craft? whats your favorite type of crafting?
I craft about anything, depending on my mood. I'm always ready to try new things. I try to use recycled materials as much as possible and love to go to flea markets and trift shops to find some material. At the moment I'm into crocheting, but usually do a lot of jewelry.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I'we always got something going on. At the moment I'm learning to crochet a spiral with two colors and make a beanie with that pattern.
I also have a bunch of other ideas waiting for some time for crafting. Lots of ideas always buzz around in my head. Some of them become products some day, some of them won't.

What are some hobbies you like besides crafting?
Photographing, reading and blogging, of course.

Where are 3 places you wish you could go?
Denmark, Iceland, India...

What are 5 of your favorite blogs/websites? Where do you go for inspiration?

I get inspiration about anywhere. I love browsing through Etsy, there's so much amazing stuff. I also get inspired of the style of people on the street, nature, colors and my trift finds. My favourite blogs/websites at the moment are
A Softer World (
Missed Connections (
Cardboard Love (
Letters to Crushes (
A Collection a Day (
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