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Featuring YOU! *Anzouya*

Here is my first feature post, I'm going to be doing these on the weekends! So keep watching for them! Here is Anzouya's awesome feature!

What's your name? Tell us a little about you!
My name is Angela, but I also have a nickname and that's Anzouya. As a matter of fact is a paraphrase of my name in Greek. I was born and raised in Greece, on a beautiful island called Corfu. Ever since I remember myself I explore and experiment with my abilities and possibilities, creating things that I like from all kind of material. I haven't decided yet what I like the most, or whether or not I'm good at anything after all :-S However, what's important is the journey and not the destination!

Do you have a blog or etsy shop?
I have a blog, it's called Anzouya and you can find it here It’s a place where I share all the things that I like, my creations and some hints of my everyday life.

I've also registered for an Etsy Shop ( for quite some time now but I haven't got the nerve to fill it up yet. :-( I think I'm a chicken!

Do you like to craft? what's your favorite type of crafting?
Crafting is my life! Ever since I remember myself, I was always trying to make things with my hands. I've experimented a lot and I can tell that on many things I'm self-taught. If I see something that I like I try to figure out how it’s made and usually I give it a try myself. Through this process most of the times I come up with a different version of it or sometimes with something totally new. Some of the things that I've tried are:

1. Drawing. My first ones were usually copies of the cartoon characters that were printed on my childhood sheets and pillows. I would spent hours trying to draw what was there only by looking at it. Later on, I've experimented with trying to copy myself from photographs and from time to time I've created some characters of my own while I was doodling on my school books. (but I've never been really confident about it, so for many years I've resigned it and haven't done many things).

2. While I was studying I've begun to experiment with making jewellery, mostly with plastic beads. I've made many beautiful things during that time.

3. For a period in my life I used to give to my friends as a present little rocks that I was gathering from the beach with their names or zodiac signs drawn on them and polished.

4. Lately I’ve learned how to crochet and my obsession is growing ever since!

My possibilities are endless. I can’t choose my favourite type of crafting because from time to time my ideas, needs and inspiration keep changing. The only thing that I’m sure of is that crafting is the only thing that I feel that I’m good at and the only thing that I really enjoy doing.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I want to learn how to sew. I want to begin with small clutches or stuff like that and end up with being able to sew my own clothes. I think there’s a long way ahead of me.
What are some hobbies you like besides crafting?
I like photography, but I haven’t given it the proper practice and attention.
Where are 3 places you wish you could go?
1. Paris - France

2. New York - USA

3. Barcelona - Spain

What are 5 of your favorite blogs/websites? Where do you go for inspiration?

1. A Beautiful Mess.
I think Elsie is AMAZING! She has become my role model!

2. One Pretty Thing
All the inspiration I need all gathered in one place.

3. Flickr of course (

4. Thread Banger (

5. Cut Out + Keep (

But you can also check my blog every Wednesday where I share some of my favourite bookmarks.

Thank you Katie for featuring me on your Blog! It was fun.

Have A Nice Day everyone! :-)
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