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some new ATC's

Thanks for the sweet comments! I feel much better today! so much better I actually felt like doing a little crafting/drawing so I drew a few ATC's...

*lucky undies*

I just felt like drawing a zebra... I dont know why. :P

live long and prosper! a trekkie atc. ;)

which one is your favorite?
xoxo, Katie
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  1. Ha ha! I love the undies one!!

  2. Oh my goodness these are so cute. I love all three.

    We will need to do another swap soon.

    btw- my dh figured out that flock does not like your blog so i am going through firefox.
    take care and keep drawing!!

  3. Ok, so stupid question, but what is an ATC? I see them all the time on craft blogs but not quite sure what they are.

    Anyway, they are all so cute. I love the random and sweet.

  4. I love the last one because I LOVE LOVE LOVE george takei!! He's so precious and star trek related lol

    Your blog is awesome!!! I need to save your link and get over here more often!! :)


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