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make it monday

Hey! Sorry, I have been MIA all weekend,. I have been sick with some sort of bug. :(
anyway, here are todays roundup of tutorials. ;)

One Artsy Mama has a tute for this cute coffee cozy.

Birds Of A Feather has a couple of tutes.
a spring dress DIY

and a cool Paint-By-Number DIY

Thats all I found today. I dont feel 100% better, so I didnt do to much looking around. ;)
xoxo, Katie
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  1. Yay!! Awesome, thanks for featuring my post!!!

  2. Aw, I hope you feel better!!

  3. Aw...thanks for sharing my cozy =) That made my day!

  4. ick- i had a bug too! they suck. hope youre feeling much better!!
    love these diy projects- cant wait to check em out.
    ps just added your button to my blog :) and just got your other pen pal letter! i love how you decorate them. they make my day!


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