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Luggage Tag Idea... :)

Tomorrow I am flying out to go visit my lovely sister Taylor, so I was looking online to find some (cute)free printable luggage tags that I liked. and couldn't find any.
So I got creative & found this site Feed Your Soul

They have abunch of free art prints to download. So I printed them out wallet sized, Punched a hole in them, Wrote my name & address on the back, and put contact paper on them.

Just thought I would share that incase any of you guys are taking a trip soon. :)

I think they are gonna work for me.
xoxo, Katie
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  1. oh my gosh those are too cute!!!!!! love love them!! thanks for sharing!! There should be a letter arriving for you anyday now :)

  2. wow they have some amazingly cute stuff~ cant wait to fix my printer so i can print some of those beauties out!!

  3. Those are cute! I'll have to make some for our trip this summer: )

  4. oh those are super cute!!!


  5. Super cute!

    I made luggage tags with shapes cut with my CriCut. Then we laminated them...I should send you a photo.


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