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GUEST BLOG: Swooning over Thermoses and lunchboxes

Katiebug is feeling like she has a bug, so I decided to jump in with lots of pretties-thermoses (thermopi??) and lunchboxes. I have been searching for a Nancy Drew Thermos and/or a lunchbox and they are so rare and exspensive. Yet, Katie being the awesome sister she is, texts me and tells me she found me a thermos for $3.00!!!
I am so excited to get it.I shattered the inside of my last thermos, it was such a sad day.I'm so so happy for another one, although my first thermos was so beautiful... Here is katie's dream thermos set...I can't wait to find it for her. To Boldly go...
And isn't Pac-Man cute???

Here are a few more pretties spotted on

Plaid is amazing!
I can't believe they made woodgrain thermoses in the 60's and 70' awesome is that?
Enjoy your weekend! xoxo Miss Tay

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  1. I loove the star trek one!!! :) and the woodgrain!
    dude, The thermos I got you looks exactly like that nancy drew lunchbox.

  2. i love the woodgrain one, so pretty!!!

  3. That butterfly thermos is so cute!

  4. The woodgrain is definitely my fave!


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