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CAMP INDIE: Crafting a Greener World
We are so super duper excited to present this three week class filled with so many fun and creative ideas! Here’s the lowdown…

-Camp Indie runs June 9th through June 30th with over 20 projects, and daily postings. Each of the projects works with a great variety of art mediums including:
Plastic Melting and Fusing

-All of the projects made in this class will be using nearly all recycled materials, continuing with the theme of reusing, reducing and repurposing objects that normally end up in a landfill. Camp Indie is hosted on a private blog, only open to students!

-Class involvement will include:
Giveaway prizes including art supplies and products!
Swaps within the class
Craft Challenges
Flickr Group
Facebook page with frequent updates and inspiration!
Downloadable goodies including stickers and crafting embellishments!

Camp Indie Student Registration opens May 1st.
$25.00 before June 5th
$30.00 after June 5th

Projects completed may be featured on your blog, flickr, etc, but please do not sell or copy our designs or projects for profit. Class fees are refundable ONLY before June 5th.
After registering for Camp Indie, students will receive a conformation email including the Camp Indie blog address and access invitation.

We really hope you join us for this exciting class, and that you're inspired by these projects. We are looking forward to meeting everyone and can’t wait to start crafting!

Also-bloggers and etsy extraordinaires, WANT FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR BLOG? If you register for Camp Indie before May 15th, and advertise Camp Indie on your blog, you will be eligible for a free ad spot on the Camp Indie blog! Email us for details!

xoxo Taylor and Katie xoxo

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Just like something I need to make my summer filled with studies to be a bit better.

    Can't wait!

  2. Perfect!! :)
    I'm in! So tomorrow - need to tie a string on my finger to remember lol
    I'm excited!

  3. This sounds so cute!!! I would love to do it, but this summer is the last summer of grad school and looks to be busy! I hope it goes well for you and I look forward to maybe participating in the future!!!


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