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ATC's and random. :)

Hey! I am actually on a plane right now, but I was sneaky & got blogger to schedule this post for me... mwa hahaha. ;)
I thought I would share some ATC's I've been drawing. My sister requested a "Nerd Giraffe" atc, so I drew him. and then I got a little atc crazy and also drew a nerd elephant and a nerd monkey. :)
whatcha think? I think the elephant is my fave.

I also wanted to share this AMAZING toaster with you, You write on the top & it will toast your message onto your toast. how cool is that???

xoxo, Katie
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  1. Have a great flight!

    I just LOVE the ATC drawings!!!!

    That toaster ROCKS!

  2. that toaster is so cool I have a hello kitty toaster that puts her face on it lol! I love your drawings!


  3. Those ATC's are sooo cute!! and so is that toaster!

  4. Oh my gosh that Toaster is incredible! Love the bespectacled Elephant too!

  5. Loving the monkey atc.

    Is that toaster for real?


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