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some of my drawings!

Hey guys! Since we are in the process of moving, My mom made me pack up all of my crafting stuff! :o Its sad, lol. Anyhow, since I cant craft, I've been drawing alot more, and I decided to share a few of my drawings... so here ya go. ;)

Thats my dog puddin, she was asleep on my bed when I drew her.

She was in a book I have about drawing & cartooning.

and some Xmen. lol, Im a geek.

A drawing of a friend.

and can we say "snail mail?"

Hope you liked them!
Here is something I am loving:

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xoxo, Katie
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  1. Yay! X-Men!

    Cute drawings: )

  2. Beautiful drawings!!! I LOVE LOVE your ACEO and the card you sent me :) THanks so much!!!! I'm writing you back very soon!

  3. Oh my great drawings. Cute cute snail!!!

  4. These drawings are fantastic! your puppy looks just like a jack russell I had growing up. AWESOME DRAWINGS!!!!

  5. Love the x-man...and geeks rule!!!

  6. Nice work...the one of your dog is my favorite!

  7. Thanks guys! My dog is a rat terrier, so She does look somewhat like a jack russel. :)


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