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scrapbook layout and a postcard

So, While my cousin was staying with me last week we went to the zoo and took lots of pics, Here is the scrapbook layout I made with them. :)

I love these black hearts.

I also sewed up a fabric postcard! I appliqued WinkWinkInks new Beauty stamp on to the front of it... what do you think?

xoxo, Katie

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  1. wow! Love your post card. Cute layout--lovng the hearts and all the photos.

    for some reason my computer is not allowin me to few your blog. I have to get on my dd laptop. I need to figure out why.

  2. Hello katie!
    i am sofia and just wanted you to know that you won a spring envelope .send me your address and i will sent it you full with surprises!:)

    kiss kiss


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