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my first hand drawn coloring book.

Okay so, When I made this coloring book for my cousin(who loved it btw) My sister challenged me to draw my own images for a coloring book. So I made one for her & since she loves baking I drew little baking girls.. What do you think? here's the front:

and the drawings:

I also included baking/kitchen quotes on each page, But I didnt take pictures of them.

xoxo, Katie
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  1. I love it! I'm gonna color my first page now.

  2. Nice work! Hey...can you do me a favour? Can you send me a photo of the ACEO I sent you...I forgot to take one before I sent it off.

  3. Oh my goodness love this book. Your pages are so cute.

  4. That Coloring Cookbook is SOOOOO Cute! I love it! You should sell more of that. I'm sure, it'll be a BIG hit!

    btw, check my blog for LOTSA candies! ^_^

  5. this is such a cute idea! i'm sure she'll love it


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