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Indian Headband Tutorial

While my cousin was staying with me this week, we dressed up as Indians for a day. so i decided to share a tute on how to make your own Indian headband! :) enjoy!

Draw out your feathers(They are pretty much teardrops with little slits cut in them.)

Cut them out in patterned paper.

Take 2 strips of 12" by 1&1/2" & sew them together on one end, measure your head & cut it where it fits, sew the other end up, so it should now fit around your head like a sweat band. :P

add embellishments, I used a strip of scalloped leather & an old earring.

glue on your feathers. I bunched all mine up on one side. My cousin glued hers all the way around. pretty much you can just put them wherever & it will look good! :)

xoxo, Katie

(P.S. Don't forget your war paint)
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