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I went card crazy... :D

Here is what I did today... made lots of cards.. :)

The Horse is from winkwinkink.

most of the stickers are by Redvelvetart.
I also made something else, something awesome, but I cant post it yet because I also made one for my sister & dont want her to see it yet. ;) lol
xoxo, Katie
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  1. I really don't mind if you post it! Hehehe

  2. your cards are sooo pretty!!!! You did a great job! Love it!

  3. I love all the cards. Makes me want to sit down to make cards asap. I need those RVA goodies--:D

    Your atc should be on its way to you. I sent it out a little late so i sent out an extra( i did a swap around october and she sent an extra back ) I hope you enjoy it. -------I would love to do another swap, would you? Maybe a card swap? let me know.

    btw --my computer is still not allowin me on your blog so, i have no uploaded your button. Sorry!!

  4. I LOVE the one with the sewing machine!

    I haven't gotten your ACEO yet...I hope it comes today! :(


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