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Hello to all you lovelies, I've been so inspired by many beautiful things recently including two arts festivals. Spring is such a beautiful time. Enjoy a few wisps of the cute cute things that have caught my eye...

I scored big on this vintage dress. I stumbled upon it at an estate sale in this old building during Arts Festival #2 I do believe dresses are more loved when they are perfectly vintage and only $4.00
I really desperately wished I had a reason for two 1960-70's woodgrain and gold-yellow restaurant booths. I'm sure I could have found a use for them somehow...if only they would have fit in my VW Beetle.The best arts festival just happened to be in one of my most favorite places ever. I have major plans to life here someday...Fairhope, Alabama. The most beautiful town in America. On top of being dreadfully sick and going to the festivals, school and work, my school was having a cake exhibition for one of the classes. And we all know that UP is like my favorite movie EVER...This is so amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the bits of beautiful whimsy! Have a lovely, super crafty week! Toodles!

~Miss Tay~

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  1. everything is soooo pretty!!! Your dress is fab!! love it!

  2. the UP cake is amazing! and I like that bike painting!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS!! I love the UP cake :-)...I'm kinda obsessed with cake making.


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