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Guest Blog *Taylor*

Miss Tay here with a cool little project that I came up with one random day. I apologize in advance for blurry pics, not sure what was up with my camera on that fateful day. This project involves recycling an old book and reusing it as a cellphone holder for when you don't want to leave your electronic gadget out in plain sight. No one is ever going to go looking for an iPhone or a Blackberry inside an old book, ha ha. Supplies you'll need:

  • An old book, preferably thick(a lot of pages)

  • a cutting knife, or scissors

  • a pencil

  • hot glue

  • ribbon, ink, patterned paper and lace (optional)

1. Start by plugging your cell charger into your phone and laying it out on a piece of paper and tracing a general shape. Just trace yourself a nice, roomy, rectangle. I then cut this out, used it as a stencil and then traced onto the first page of my book (see below). I chose to temporarily remove the cover of my book, since it was a hardback, to make it easier to maneuver when cutting.2. The cutting begins. Ha ha. I started out by cutting with my knife (X-acto) but then switched back and forth with scissors. I only cut deep enough for my cell to fit nice and cozy in the pocket. 3. Then, using hot glue, I glued ribbon inside the edge, to give it a nicer finish. (See below)4. Here's the finished inside of my book. I chose to use patterned paper to recover the inside of the book and added a teeny tiny lace trim around the cut edge of the pocket. I wish I had a pic of the outside of my book, but that picture got lost in crafty cyber world. :(

I also inked the edges of the pages to kind of "age" my book and make it a bit more vintage chic looking. Again-wish my pictures were clearer!And here is Katie's version of this tutorial-isn't hers way amazing? I love it!

Thanks for stopping by our blog party! As always, please please please link a photo if you give my tutorial a try! XO Miss Tay
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  1. Ingenious but scares the hell out of me. I'm a librarian and doing this to a book terrifies me. But this is a very clever idea of keeping your gadgets safe. ^_^

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Handcraft category today [09 Mar 01:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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