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GUEST BLOG: *Taylor* Inspiration + cute and easy Tutorial!

My inspiration floats around aimlessly and comes from so many things, and since last summer, this adorable movie has held my heart. Up!!! I love everything about it, from the colors, to the story (makes me cry!) to the characters. This is like the sweetest movie ever. Seriously.

And the colors of the movie are so perfect for the Spring vibes I'm getting right now...wish I was on a picnic like this one...

*above images from

Since I LoVe this movie to death, I decided to make my own Ellie Badges! Super Cute! Here's a super quick DIY tute! Enjoy!

Supplies you'll need:

  • bottlecaps

  • scissors

  • hot glue

  • felt

  • safety pins

Getting started...

1. trace the outlines of your bottlecaps onto felt and cut out the little circles.

2. Hot glue these teeny circles to the backs of the bottlecaps, just around the edges.

(image below)

3. Add Safety pins and enjoy!!! These are so quick and fun! Would be great for scouts (LOL) kiddos, secret club meetings, BFF charms, or Star Trek communicator badges.

Here's a pic of Jerree my friend (Made by the lovely Katie) wearing his favorite Ellie Badges.

Peace and Lemonade! XO Miss Tay
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