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Guest Blog *Tabatha*

Hello bloggers,
This is Katie's Mom dropping in for the blog party. I was thinking back about some of my favorite crafts that we did as the girls were growing up and I think the “flubber” had to be one of the best. It was an interesting combo of 20 Mule team borax, elmers glue and food coloring. Stayed rubbery forever in a butter bowl too.
There was also an assortment of homemade play-dohs, paper mache, decoupage, etc. you name it, we probably tried it.
Nowadays, I mostly quilt and crochet. As the girls were growing up I started saving the tshirts that we acquired through activities. Gymnastics, softball, theater, cardboard boat regatta, VBS, kid’s camp, and more.

So this past Christmas, I drug out all those old shirts and made tshirt quilts for the girls as gifts. They turned out cute, and completely washable.

I also have a pack of charm squares to giveaway! Comment here, and Katie will choose the winner via & post them on tomorrow(Wednesday the 10th)

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  1. Very cool idea! Wish I had thought of this before the shirts were ready for the rag bag! LOL

  2. Looooove this! I've been saving my son's shirts for this exact idea! Any pointers you can share w/ me? Not much of a sewer/quilter, so it would be helpful to have any extra knowledge!



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