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Since KatieBug is still out in the middle of nowhere battling gators and braving the cold dark nights, a few inspiring images come to mind...Above images from weheartit

A few other things....Aren't these Smores earrings fabulous??? I love them! Get them from CuteAbility And yet more cuteness, I just couldn't pass it up. Sometimes you come across a lot of mushrooms while camping...And if you live in a frozen wasteland or just don't like the thought of actually sleeping outdoors, Smile and Wave has an absolutely amazing tutorial... I'm working on a few projects right now...and doing lots of studying. Hopefully I will get another chance to blog in the next 24 hours...enjoy and have a great night! XO Miss Tay
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  1. Cute cute tee! Anything with smiling mushrooms is cute--:D

    I would one of those in my house for my boys and would love to sleep in it too!


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