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Blog Party Giveaway!

Are we having fun yet? Next time, I'm thinking cake!

anyway, just for fun, comment to enter this giveaway for two Ellie Badge pins, (see tutorial), a pretty paper flower pin (just in time for spring!) and three handmade the comments, enter by telling me what your favorite smell/sight/taste of Spring is!

Winners for all giveaways will be announced tomorrow, using!!!

xoxo tay
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  1. My favorite sight of spring is of course th egreen green grass. :)

  2. I love seeing all the spring flowers popping up through the soil.

    Cute cute cake and cute things for the give away.

  3. favorite first site....the blooming flowers! Which i saw for the first time here yesterday!!!! So exciting!! Smell......Easter Dinner.....baked ham....Mmmmmmmm!! Tastes....Cadbury creme eggs!!! LOL


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