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some recent crafts

a few things I have made lately..

A cupcake pincushion

the bottom is made with a recycled paint can lid. and it has a cherry pom*pom. i like pom*poms. :)

I made an embroidered star trek pillow for my sister... her couch is yellow, so I thinks it will match. :)

made using a tute from style school.

I crocheted a chain & used it as a border.

and... a little sneak at something else I'm working on:

but Im not telling you what its gonna end up looking like, so you will just have to wait. lol
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  1. The suitcase is so goregoue with jut that yellow paint, I can't believe you did it to MY suitcase. Are you sure it ain't fer me?

  2. its no longer your suitcase since you left it here. :D


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