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The amazing artist who writes this blog, (my little sis, hehe) is so busy working on Style School projects and goodies for me I'm sure, that I ddecided to sneak in a blog post for her. She's coming to see me in 4 days, so there will be lots of pretty crafts exchanged then (hopefully!).

I decided to blog a few pictures from my apartment-pictures of the things that inspire me and give me that bubbly feeling that makes me smile. I love, love, love vintage, (I can't say it enough) and Katie and I have a running joke that if something is so vintage it's ugly, that I will fall in love with it. It's also the best way, in my opinion to keep things out of the landfills and work our way towards being greener,lol.

So, enjoy the pictures of my throwback to the decade that style forgot...

Words cannot describe how much I love the 1970's. We road-tripped it to chicago last Spring and got these cute cute plastics animals at the Brookfield Zoo in one of those adorable machines that you make the animal yourself!
I have an inspiration board in my living room that I fill with my goals, things that inspire, things I have done, things I wish to do...and other pretty things like this (above.)

Old Blue eyes and avacado and orange printed suitcases go together perfectly! All that is missing is some polyester!
I have a great big pile of vintage hats, I really love the pillbox hats from the 1950's(anybody have any of these?) I do more of collecting them than wearing them because as much as I love them, they feel like costume piece to me...

And one pic from my crafting area (which is a walk-in closet/recipe for disaster) many ribbons and scraps. In my opinion, little bits and pieces go on a craft so much better than anything store bought. It adds such flair!
So have a wonderfully inspired and motivated evening, and I will be back in a few days to reveal a great project that I have put over 40 hours of work into...can't wait for the world to see.
Also-I am helping Katie plan her blog party and we are really looking for suggestions, inspiration, and anything else you would like to see or particpate in, so please comment!!!
XOXO Miss Tay!

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  1. Ahh! You broke into my blog! lol.. :) I love you anyways. I made something for you yesterday. :D


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