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my first hand carved stamps

One of the style school projects was hand carving your own stamps, how cool is that? But I didnt have anything to carve them on, except a potato, which fell apart! haha! it was sad. :( And then the other day I found a carving block *on clearence* an hobbylobby! squueee! So I have been playing with it all day. here are the stamps I've made so far:

I have one that says "punk projects", a whale( I love whales) and an owl, because I love owls even more than I love whales, lol

The owl is without a doubt my favorite.

Here are a few other handcarved stamps found across the web that I loves...

A star trek communicator badge, lol

I love AJ's awesome tree stamp

wow, I love the bike stamp paper scissor tape carved. and the rest of her stamps too :)
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  1. Wow, you found a lot of neat stamps! Thanks for including mine ;)

    I love your whale! :)

  2. Those are great stamps! So creative!


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