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gift card mini album

my "things to make in 2010" album. i made it using random gift cards.

I love the map card on the front. it was a half price gift card. :P

I havent filled it all out yet, but here are a few pages from it...

and here's the back. I love that little pom*pom. ;)

made from style school
What do you think? I really like how it turned out.
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  1. I love the idea of a "things to make" album!! So clever!

  2. I really like it too!So much more than I expected! I think one of your goals should be to create a coloring book for Sarah!

  3. I love this project. And you combined so many colors in such a great way.

  4. This is cool! I haven't started mine yet.

  5. Great idea. I'll put it on my Things to Make List. ;)


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