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crafts, widgets, etc

a few crafts I've made lately:

A pouch/wallet made from ties. This was a style school project, but they used karate belts & since I didnt have any karate belts on hand, I decided to use some ties! :) These are actually my great grandpas ties. My mom has claimed this wallet for herself. lol

and I made a pincushion using the tutorial from Freckled Nest. I actually used ribbon scraps tho instead of fabric. (since we are in the process of moving, my mom packed all the fabric! ahh!) Oh, and the Unicycle is something I embroidered a long time ago & just never used for anything, so I decided to just add it to the middle of my pin cushion, lol. (and yes, I do own & ride a unicycle.)

the back was made from an old scarf my sister had. :D

And, On a different thought, I have widgets!(they are on the right side of my blog) If you add it to your blog (and tell me in the comments) I will add yours to mine. :)

xoxo, Katie
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  1. Hi Katie! We're classmates and i love adding widgets on my sidebar. I'm glad you have one already! I'm adding it to my blog. ^_^


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