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Miss Taylor is back with more retro cuteness, this time in the form of altering notebook covers and finding a use for a few of her dozens of vintage sewing patterns that she collects. Enjoy, and again, please link a photo if you make one!

Supplies you'll need:

Vintage sewing pattern(s)
a transparency scrap or patterned paper
stickers and/or embellishments

Tools you'll need:

Sewing Machine (I suppose hand-stitching could be done, but stitching through the chipboard of a notebook would be no walk in the park)
Paper clips or office clamps
Dry adhesives (ex. double-sided tape)

1. Remove the pattern pieces from the envelope and cut the pattern evelope in half, so you have two seperate pieces- a front and a back.
2. Stitch the back piece to the inside of the back cover of the notebook to use as a pocket for notes, etc.
3. Arrange the front piece of the pattern envelope, along with a piece of the pattern and the transparency scrap onto the front cover of the notebook. Use paper clips/office clamps to hold this in place.
Take a close look at my transparency piece. I will only stitch three sides of it, so that it's a teeny, incognito pocket on the front of my notebook. So cute!

4. Sew around the entire edge of the pattern envelope and around 3 edges of the transparency. You can sew on your pattern bit if you would like, I just secured mine with dry adhesive after removing the paper clips.

5. Decorate and embellish with stickers, stamps, buttons, rub-ons, ink, etc.

6. Trim strings, loose edges, and enjoy!
I made four of mine for college, make as many as you like!

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