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GUEST BLOG + Major Cuteness Tutorial!

So, it's a beautiful day here in paradise, (or it would be if it wasn't still raining) and Miss Taylor (that's me) is here to Guest Blog and give a majorly cute how-to on a recipe box.I love lace and ribbon and pretty vintage things, and my box is inspired to match my vintage 1950's aqua and yellow kitchen. Enjoy and please post a link to your pictures in the comments if you make your own, I would love to see!

Supplies you'll need:
-Patterned paper (I used one 12x12 sheet to cover the box, another 6x12 to decorate with and three more 12x12's to make recipe cards, but make as many as you like!)
-A cardboard box, wodden box, or metal tin(whatever you want to hold your recipes)
-Letters(chipboard, or stickers, or die cuts)
-And old ribbon or cloth belt
-A vintage pin or earring
-A vintage button (smaller than your pin)
-Ribbon scrap

-A few stickers to embellish, also paper scraps to embellish

Tools you'll need:
-Scissors and/or Paper Trimmer
-Dry adhesive
-Hot Glue
-Your favorite pen
A close up view of the supplies I used.
Okay, let's get started. 1. Trim the top or any excess off of the box.
2. Cut your recipe cards out of 12x12 paper to fit inside your box. My box perfectly fit cards that were 6 x 5/34" inches. Write your recipes on your cards and decorate them however you like.
3. Cover your box with patterned paper and secure with a dry adhesive.
4. Glue a trim around the top of the box by using the old belt and hot glue. 5. Add your title, and any decorations you want to the front of the box. At this point, you are also going to bunch up a scrap of ribbon, and glue your vintage button to the vintage pin and glue the pin to the ribbon and stick on on the top left corner of the box.
6. Voila! It's beautiful! I add a couple of stickers to one side of my recipe box to list the recipes that were in there, feel free to experiement and be randomly creative!

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  1. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Handcraft Items search engine today (look for timestamp: [20 Jan 03:56am GMT]).

  2. i love projects that recycle. Love the idea. I am now following your blog.

    thanks for sharing

  3. I am totally loving your blog and this one takes the cake! I have some recipes handed down from my grandmother and great-grandmother and I'd love to have a box large enough to keep them. I've tried notebooks but they're a hassle. This is such an adorable and cute idea. Any idea what to do though to keep them clean? I'm very excited about this prospect.


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